Option to defer payment of invoices under $10

With the most recent billing cycle, we began offering the option to defer payment of monthly invoices if the amount is under $10. This can now be completed online within Cratchit-NET by any user at your company whose user id has administration privileges. Users with administration privileges will see the Account Management Options section of the Administration menu in Cratchit-NET. If you don't see these options, contact the helpdesk for assistance with your deferral.

If you do see the Account Management Options section, select 'Defer a Monthly Invoice'. On the window that follows, enter the invoice number you wish to defer. The system will verify that the number is correct and that it qualifies for deferral. If so, the invoice is marked as deferred and you will see a message to that effect.

Deferring an invoice allows you to skip payment on the invoice and have it included in your next invoice. You may continue to do this until your balance due reaches or exceeds $10. 


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