ND conversion to NPN as license number

North Dakota has recently converted their license number for individuals to the National Producer Number (NPN). Note this will not affect the license number for business entities.

NIPR will halt North Dakota processing of Gateway transactions after close of business on February 22, 2007 and anticipates that North Dakota will resume processing on Monday, February 26, 2007 or upon completion of the load of their new data to the PDB.

 Gateway transactions submitted after 2/22/07 will be held 'awaiting validation' until North Dakota resumes processing. These transactions should have the NPN as the license number to avoid the risk of being declined upon processing.

How To Locate an Agent's NPN (National Producer Number)

Users may obtain an agent's NPN free of charge by:
- selecting 'PDB Inquiry' on Cratchit-NETs Main Menu
- selecting 'FREE PDB Quick Check' on the menu
- click 'Submit' on the 'Individual' selection window
- entering the SSN and Last Name of the agent and clicking 'Submit'
- the resulting 'hit list' of people will have the NPN at the top and bottom of the screen.


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