Change to the ADMIN User Privileges

     Starting soon, Cratchit-NET will prohibit the ADMIN user from processing transactions. All other administrative functions can still be performed using the ADMIN user id. Other users designated to have administrative rights will not be effected. 

     As Administrator, you should go at your earliest opportunity to the Administration Menu and select 'Manage Your Users'. If you have not already done so, create a new User Id for each person on your staff.  

     You should also be sure to modify your own personal user id to have administrative rights, allowing you to manage your profile without the need to remember the ADMIN login. You may also consider allowing at least one other user to have administrative rights who will then serve as your backup. Notify each user of their new ID and Password and ask them to begin using their new logins immediately. 

(There is NEVER a charge for adding users. You may have as many as needed.)

     The reason for this decision is to ultimately provide better client service. In client accounts with multiple users who share the ADMIN user id, it becomes almost impossible to trace what individual should be contacted if a transaction fails. Likewise, with each user uniquely identified, Cratchit-NET will be able to offer the additional feature of emailing update notifications to the individual who processed the transaction, a service that until now has been impossible. 


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