Licenses / Appointments

The Licenses / Appointments module is the core function of Cratchit à la Carte. It allows you extraordinary flexibility in how you enter and maintain your agents and their licences and appointments.

Sample screens from the Licenses/Appointments module. Click the images to see larger versions and more information.

All applicable dates for licenses and appointments can be recorded, allowing for a wide range of reports. Because there is no limit to the number of licenses, lines, or appointments you can enter, Cratchit à la Carte is the best choice for all types of licensing offices.

Our Licenses / Appointments module gives you the reports you need when you need them. Reports include:

  • License Renewals Due. See sample report. You can get a complete listing at any time of the agents in your organization who have licenses due for renewal. You can select a state, a license type or a date range to make the report more useful.

  • License / Appointment Profile. See sample report. Easily produce a detailed report about any or all of your agents, their licenses, lines, appointments and appointing carriers, any time you need it!

  • Agents Licensed By State. See sample report. Find out who is licensed in a specific state or all states! Select resident only, non-resident only or all licenses. Additional filters make the report even more flexible!

  • Agents Licensed By Office. See sample report. Select one or your organizations (offices or agencies) and immediately know who holds licenses and important information about those licenses.

Licenses and Appointments are part of the Basic Package.