Fee Tracking

The Fee Tracking module is an accurate, easy to use way to capture information about the money spent during licensing and appointing agents for insurance sales. Cratchit's Fee Tracking module lets the user keep records of the multitude of fees charged by states and carriers.

Sample screen from the Fees module. Click image to see larger version.

Since most states charge different amounts for the same activity, the State Fee Grid provides a simple way to automatically retrieve the fee amount when the user records a fee being paid. This saves time and reduces the chance of mistakes. If a new fee is entered the system adds it to the grid automatically.

More sample screens from the Fees module. Click images to see larger version.

The ‘Fees Paid’ report provides a wide assortment of options for preparing detailed reports about expenses paid. It even enables the user to ask ‘What if…’ questions by changing numbers and amounts to determine future costs when fee changes or personnel changes are known in advance. This is helpful in budget planning.

Fee Tracking is an add-on module.