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The Diary feature of CratchitWEB is a powerful and flexible tool that lets you record any interactions with your agents that you choose. If you want to log phone calls, do it with the Diary! Email sent and received, document tracking... there's no limit to what the diary can do.

In fact, the Diary has already proven itself as a valuable legal tool in one notable case. An agent asked the Cratchit user if he could sell a policy. She said no and then recorded the conversation in the Diary. He sold the policy anyway and something went wrong resulting in legal action. He of course claimed ignorance but Cratchit's Diary listing showed he knew what he was doing was wrong -- and he lost the case! You see, internal fields make it impossible for even the most skilled person to tamper with the records! Even we can't do it and we wrote it!

The Diary is also the destination for your completed deadline items if you wish. Some action items are very important to remember long after they've been completed. Storing them in the diary lets you have the peace of mind of knowing you have created an audit trail.

The Diary is an uneditable, undeletable record.

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Monday, April 23, 2018