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CratchitWEB makes it easier for the licensing staff and the IT department. CratchitWEB can operate on your company's intranet or you access CratchitWEB on Systeme Software's server using the Internet.

If the intranet version is chosen, CratchitWEB will reside on one webserver. Your company controls access to the software. The software exists in one place and does not have to be installed on every workstation. This makes things a lot easier for the IT department.

If the internet version is chosen, Systeme Software will host your data on our secure website. Once we issue passwords and userids, you are ready to go. Your company's IT department will only have to allow access to our website.

CratchitWEB has 3 tier security. Our level 1 is for supervisors. Level one users can view all records and reports and have the ability to manage the userids and passwords.

Level 2 users can only view records that are applicable to them. For example if branch offices or other parts of the company are only concerned with agents assigned to that branch then they will only be able to view records for agents assigned to their branch.

Level 3 offers the agents themselves view-only access to their records. If they have access to the company's network, they can see what license, appointment or demographic information is entered into their record. This can greatly reduce the amount of "Am I licensed/appointed" phone calls and also allows the agent to notify your company of any incorrect information.

Monday, April 23, 2018