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Cratchit Web
Cratchit Web
CratchitNET features


No more paper forms for appointments or terminations! 40 states accept electronic appointments and terminations with more scheduled to come online soon.

Easy-to-use web pages guide you through the process offering you menu selections that apply to the state you select. No more cheat-sheets on your walls!

Frequently used information like NAIC numbers, company license numbers and FEINs are stored in our secured database saving you time and removing the possibility of typographical errors resulting in delays and potential fees for errors.

Each states requirements are summarized into a single screen so you know at-a-glance what needs to be recorded for that state.

Agent and Agency appointments/terminations can all be processed with this simple, intuitive program.

Each transaction you process receives a unique transaction number identifying it throughout the process. When a transaction is finished being processed, you receive an email notification automatically.

Process transactions singly or in batches  for a real time savings. You can even instruct Cratchit-NET to remember the information you enter and carry it forward to the next transaction eliminating the need to re-type information. Less typing = fewer errors.

Special "behind-the-scenes" validations insure that you don't enter bad dates, invalid codes, or miss required information.

There is no limit to the number of Cratchit-NET users you can assign at your company. Each user gets their own ID and Password.

Regular online updates and Broadcast Messages keep you apprised of significant events at the NAIC, NIPR and in the licensing community.

Thursday, April 19, 2018