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Authorized NIPR Business Partner

SYSTEME SOFTWARE, Inc. is an Authorized Business Partner of the National Insurance Producer Registry. Cratchit® Link takes advantage of that by connecting directly into the NIPR database. This direct connection allows you to bypass the traditional software “middleman”, and save 30% on all appointment / termination transaction fees.

With Cratchit Link, you don’t have to try to estimate your transaction volume and waste money paying for transactions you don’t make.

How does our system work?

If you are using the services of another partner, your payment for a transaction consists of two parts -- approximately one half consists of the fee NIPR charges, the other half is the partner’s fee. We don’t charge a transaction fee; our maintenance fees are a percentage of actual usage.

The customer purchases the Cratchit Link program which stores agent data. Once an agent’s personal data is stored, any number of appointments can be sent using the data, saving retyping time. Data can be obtained from other databases.

Save 30% on transaction fees, work smarter, and make better insurance business decisions – all from one software product: Cratchit Link.

For more information, please call us at 215-258-5217.

Customers can pay additional monthly subscription fees to enhance the use of Cratchit Link. PCD has a module that contains over 265 paper forms.

Cratchit Link is an add-on module that connects directly with the National Insurace Product Registry computers.

Thursday, April 19, 2018