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Cratchit à la Carte - Forms

The Forms module completes state license, appointment, certification, and other forms. NAIC uniform application forms are included. Any forms that require agent information can be included in this module. The information is taken from the Cratchit database and merged onto an image of the form. This form can then be printed on whatever color paper is required using a standard laser printer. This sharp, first generation document is already complete when it comes out of the printer. All it needs is a signature.

Sample screen from the Forms module. Click box to see larger version.

If the document is lost when it leaves the office, the answers to the questions are already stored in your database so you can reproduce the exact document countless times.

SYSTEME SOFTWARE maintains the currency of the form images and how the program accesses them.

The user can select a module for license forms, appointment forms, or all forms. This lets the user save money by not having to purchase something they don’t need.

No transaction fees

There are no transaction fees for the Forms module! Print as many copies as you like. You can change information in the database and print forms again, if desired. If the paper in the printer jams, print the form again in seconds with no charge!

Forms is an add-on module.

Monday, April 23, 2018