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Cratchit à la Carte - Benefits

Pay for only what you need

For each of the jobs you do, a specialized module in Cratchit à la Carte is available at a reasonable subscription-based rate. By selecting only the features you need, you pay for only what you use.

Cut costs with our unique modular pricing structure. With Cratchit à la Carte, you only pay for what you use.  

You may add new modules as you need them at any time. In addition, there is no per-form transaction fee. Print as many copies as you need!

We customize for you

Licensing software is our only business. We have concentrated on listening to experts and built our programs around their ideas. Our system comes with all the features you will need to run your business more effectively.

If you need customization to tailor the program to your unique needs, we can do it at a reasonable cost. A "cookie cutter" approach to software won't work these days. Many of our clients have obtained a competitive edge because of the specialized features and reports we have provided for them.

When you need personalized customer service, training, or technical support, we are here for you. When you call us, you speak to the actual designers of the software, so your questions are answered quickly and accurately.

Call today at 215-258-5217 and learn about our reasonable fees for providing custom solutions for you.

Friday, April 20, 2018