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How to Tell the Fake from the Real

It's hard to tell who's real and who's fake, but here are some tips when looking for a real website to order off of:

1. Look at the bottom of the website. Does it have a copyright date or the time when it was last updated? If it does, it must say the year "2008", meaning they're still in business (but could still be a scam). If it has any other date or year then it hasn't been updated for a while, so it obviously has to be fake.
2. Check the ID examples. Most fake id templates companies have an examples page, or images of some. If the ID examples aren't high quality or not an up-to-date ID, then the company is fake (like THIS ONE). Also, try to find the companies that take pictures of their ID's (such as THIS ONE). If they take pictures of their ID's, then they do make them.
3. See if they link to ID review sites, or other fake ID sites. If they do this, then those websites are almost guaranteed to be owned by the same operator of that web site.
4. Take a close look at the shipping options. If a company offers only shipping by package, then they could possibly be a scam. Why would a credit-card sized ID need to be shipped in a whole package? Some people prefer this method, while others think they shouldn't pay for packaging. At least if a website states the option of regular envelope, then they could have enough common sense that a small peice of plastic doesn't need that much packaging. 5. Read any Disclaimers or Terms of Service. These sometimes are tricky. Sometimes, there are statements in these Disclaimers/Terms of Service saying that the company might not even send the ID. But since its in the Terms of Service, the buyer should have expected it. Even if they're long, ALWAYS read fake id state